How to Get NBI Clearance Online Requirements and Procedures

How to Get NBI Clearance Online | Requirements and Procedures

Getting NBI clearance can now be done online. NBI clearance is one of the major document requirements in applying for a job, enrolling in a school, applying for a visa or travel abroad, completing school requirements, employment records and even getting a passport, SSS number and many more. Because NBI clearance is the paper that proves everyone or an office that an individual has and had no criminal records and is cleared and free from any civil cases and obligations.

In the early times, getting an NBI clearance takes about a half day. It would take you long lines, number of requirements, filling out lots of forms, ID pictures, sweats and tantrums. But now, thank goodness the National Bureau of Investigation has made the generous effort to open the NBI online processing which caters to everyone. They call it NBI eClearance facility.


Requirements for the NBI Clearance Online Application and Renewal


  • Payment of Fees thru GCash or any Globe Payment Centers
  • Your Reference Number
  • Your QR Code
  • 2 valid IDs (government IDs like SSS, GSIS, Passport, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, and company ID)


Procedures for NBI Clearance Online Application


1. Pay the processing fee via GCash or to any Globe Payment Centers nationwide if you don’t have GCash account or don’t know how to use GCash yet. It usually costs around P115 for the employment purpose and travel purpose. You need to pay P20 for the e-clearance convenience fee. NBI has rolled this back but they are not pretty clear if it’s applicable to all. So you must pay P135 to be sure. I have put the complete list of fees at the end of this article.

To use GCash text <Amount> (space) MPIN and send to 28829175638053


Example: 135 1234 and send to 28829175638053


2. You will then receive a payment Reference Number via text message from Globe. Keep this and keep another copy in a paper so you won’t forget in case the SMS was deleted or your phone was missing.

On the other hand, if you paid via Globe Payment Outlet, just keep the receipt and the Reference Number they gave you. You will use the reference number in registering and validating your online NBI clearance application. This is also needed in claiming the form.

3. Go to the NBI Online Application Facility




4. Fill up the account registration and validation of payment and follow the instructions in the given window. If you used GCash, you can use the Reference Number they sent you plus your mobile number. Otherwise, use the date registered if you paid via Globe Payment Center.


Type the Captcha.


Check your details carefully before proceeding to hit VALIDATE.




5. Once you successfully done the application, they will give you a QR Code that looks like at the right. Print it out and bring this with you when you will go for the next steps of application such as the biometric scan and photo capture in the NBI eClearance in UN Avenue, Taft Ermita, Manila. This facility is currently available in Manila.


Get your NBI Clearance Fast


You can get your NBI Clearance fast by booking an appointment. This way, you won’t have to fall in line with lots of people. Your appointment time will be spent properly. It is done by texting:

BOOK <space> Reference Number <space> Location <space> MMDDYYYY <space> HHMM <space> Name and send to 09175638054


Example: BOOK A0005M NCR 04252012 0800 Lito Cruz


NBI Clearance Processing Fees Online

You must add P20 plus the purpose of your application listed below:


ACR Requirement P415

Adoption P165

Bid Requirement P115

Business Requirement P165

Cancellation of ACR P415

Change of Name P165

Customs Pass ID P115

DOT Requirement P115

Enlistment Phil. Airforce P115

Enlistment Phil. Army P115

Enlistment Phil. Navy P115

Enlistment PNP P115

ID Purposes P115

Immigration Requirement P115

Local Employment P115

Marriage Requirement P115

Naturalization P415

NFA P165

Other Requirement P115

PNP Requirement P115

POEA Requirement P165

Promotion P115

Repatriation P415

SEC Requirement P165

SSS Requirement P115

Student Visa P115

TBC P165

TBC for RTO P165

Travel Abroad P115

Travel to countries like Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, New Zealand, USA, Taiwan, Middle East, Qatar, China, etc cost P115

Visa to countries also cost P115


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